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Meet Carmel

"I am Carmel Murphy, founder of Sakura Thinking. I coach high achievers in corporate who wish to breakthrough their fear and doubt so they can take daring career leaps and enjoy successful career transitions. 

About Carmel

a little bit about me..


Hi, I am Carmel Murphy (nee Linehan), cork born entrepreneur and the founder of Sakura Thinking.  I am an Executive, career and life coach with a corporate and business background.  I help high achievers in corporate who wish to breakthrough their fear and doubt so they can make their next daring career leap and enjoy successful career transitions. I have coached ambitious high fliers to overcome impostor syndrome and level up in their career. Sakura Thinking is 70% an online business with the other 30% being face to face coaching and collaborations in my local surrounding areas. I connect with professionals who work in corporate across many time zones all over the world from Dublin, to London, to Paris, To California, to Sydney. You name it! I got you. Let's make it happen. Thank God for the internet and how it has transformed business.  

a little bit about impostor syndrome 


Impostor syndrome is when someone inwardly doubts their accomplishments and fears being found out as a fraud usually after starting a new job. It is estimated over 70% of people will suffer from impostor syndrome during their career.  Both men and women can suffer from the phenomenon. It is usually triggered during career transitions when a person feels like they are not the right person for the job, even though they are competent and qualified enough. People come to me when they want to level up and fear is stopping them or they already took the leap and now they are overwhelmed with impostor syndrome and they are about to sink. They might be feeling like they are not good enough, they do not measure up to the new job and they are going be found out any time soon. They could be overwhelmed with fearful thinking that has caused them to isolate themselves at work where they need to be building relationships and perform well. They are finding it hard to switch off at home and sleep at nig

a little bit about my services 

I provide a safe, non-judgemental and confidential space for my clients where they can share their thoughts and ideas and gain clarity on their career vision and build a road map on how to get there. I am like a personal confidante who really understands and gets the challenges you face and I help you overcome them. I am known to hit the nail on the head and my coaching style is the true catalyst that will get you unstuck and align you with your best version so you feel peace of mind, certainty and fulfilment.  I give you accountability so that you follow through on the goals and action items set during our  coaching sessions.  I give 110% to my clients so when the fear does come up, you have a trusted confidante to reach out to who can coach you through your limitations and empower you to reach your full potential. I not only help you to find happiness in your career, I like to look at the whole picture,  your wellbeing is very important to me and I make sure my clients switch off during personal time, find balance and sleep peacefully.  I work with diverse clients and organisations from all over who want to unlock their true potential. 

Prior to setting up my coaching business..
  • 13 years experience in the corporate world, amongst the SaaS, Technology, E-Commerce, and Life Science Industries

  • Starting at the frontline, I never lost my passion for going above and beyond the client

  • I spent nearly 10 years in Apple, one of  the biggest tech company's in the world

  • I gained invaluable exposure to a very diverse and exciting corporate culture of travel, leaders, mentors, and learning opportunities that shaped my career path and who I am today.

  • I led European projects and initiatives to help improve KPI and performance issues

  • I authored global articles for technical, supply chain and soft skills 

  • Since the beginning of my career, I had a  an eye for spotting gaps and drawing up proposals and solutions

  • I developed training content and courses from scratch and often delivered it too which 

  • I led global  innovation events that encouraged innovative thinking and empowered others to be seen and heard for their innovative ideas and proposals 

  • I managed and coached a team of 16 directs reports who supported European Apple stores and service providers

  • I was European program manager for the product launch team

  • After developing a positive outlook myself, I empowered others at work  and played an influence in creating a positive environment 

  • I built my own character and resilience overtime after undergoing my fair share of organizational changes, career transitions and personal challenges along the way.

  • I really had a deeper desire to help people get unstuck and accelerate their careers and life. 

  • I had many opportunities to coach in-house at Apple for KPIs, performance and innovation that has proved successful.   

  • My original business Carmel Life Coaching was set up in London, in 2019  

  • I rebranded to Sakura Thinking and decided to niche down to my ideal client in 2020

Carmel Linehan-Apple-Store-Sakura-Thinki
SAKURA_FINAL copysmall.png

I am so passionate about coaching and firmly believe this is a proven solution to unlock people’s potential and overcome many of the challenges and obstacles that people experience in corporate. It helps you get to the root of your problem, to breakthrough old habits and old ways of thinking that are no longer working for you to show up and perform at your best version. 

a passion for coaching was found....

Originally, I was born into a humble countryside and traditional Irish background. I was a bit of go-getter and rule breaker myself but that did not become evident until after college when I finally set myself free and started to follow my own gut and desires. I completed my degree in business information systems in 2008 and in college, I did show a keen interest in entrepreneurship winning innovation awards with Enterprise Ireland . At the beginning of my career back in 2008/9, I felt I was holding myself back and that I was limited. However, I was observant with a curious mind and I was wiling to be led by it. I began to learn and grow from people who I saw as leaders and mentors, and invested time to breakthrough my own fear and doubt through self-coaching.  I started to invest in coaching and qualified as a coach in 2015/16. Coaching is a passion, and I am committed to really showing up with my coaching hat on for my clients. I commit to being coached so that I can ensure good quality and ethical coaching for my clients and return on my promise to them to help them succeed in their career.   On a more personal note, I am a mother and farmers wife and I wanted to create a life in alignment with my core values and find balance for personal priorities and still follow my passion to get others unstuck and find alignment with their true leader. 

a final word...

Life is a journey, we are meant to go through ups and downs, transitions and change, therefore continuously working on the inner you, investing in personal development is a need to support you on your journey, get you unstuck and help you achieve greater results both professionally and personally. Sakura Thinking is a combination of my coaching and corporate experience with an authentic, creative and faith based touch.  


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