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Black Friday Deal 
50% off Power Hour
1-ON-1 Coaching sessions 

Is there a promotion you desire? 

Is it time to up-level and quit playing small?

Do you want to breakthrough impostor syndrome and gain more visibility and opportunities at work?

Are you ready to get unstuck in your career and life?
Would you like to say goodbye to self-doubt and build
confidence and resilience?
PLUS feel more fulfilled, balanced and happier
in your career and life?
Black Friday Deals


1-ON-1 Coaching
Power hour

Black Friday Deal €75
Normally € 600
Black Friday Deal €300
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1-ON-1 Coaching
4 Power Hours

Normally € 150

I contacted Carmel in 2021, shortly after I had begun a new role in an industry in which I had no experience. Due to my perceived lack of knowledge, I was experiencing several feelings & emotions that were holding me back from not only succeeding but also enjoying my new role.


After an introductory one-hour call, Carmel quickly addressed the feelings & emotions I was experiencing so I decided to sign up for Carmel's services. Carmel promptly designed a programme to help me overcome these negative feelings over the following months.


During the following months, Carmel & I had weekly one-hour sessions where we would track my progress against the goals Carmel had set for me. These quickly became something I looked forward to every week. In a short time, I noticed a big difference in my mental well-being, my attitude & performance at work.


I cannot recommend Carmel enough. She is highly professional, can apply her own experiences to yours & most importantly is a very nice person who is easy to talk & be open with.


Sean Gantly

Senior Product manager @R3 London, United Kingdom 

Then Carmel can help you make it happen.


She has successfully lead clients from program manager to director, relocate across the world with small families and helped people get unstuck after 20 years in the same company.


She is a real coach, relatable with 13 years of corporate experience and coaching for nearly 10 years in-house and in her own business. 

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