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What to expect from working with Sakura Thinking?

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

At Sakura Thinking, we help senior executives, managers and high achievers create greater results through innovative thinking. I have worked with highly ambitious professionals like you in achieving your career goals. Our executive coaching practice offers professionals of all levels the time, space and creativity to turn ideas into innovative solutions, leading to the growth of the company and the individual.

Life is a journey and like the sakura tree, we are meant to go through transitions and change, therefore continuously working on the inner you, investing in personal development is a need to support you on your journey, get you out of your comfort zone and help you achieve greater results both professionally and personally. Sakura Thinking helps you get clear on your vision, creates a roadmap to get there and helps you to overcome the obstacles and challenges you face a long the way. Our clients have experienced obstacles like manager relational issues, lack of vision, impostor syndrome, shyness, workload overwhelm, confidence issues, feeling unseen, stuck in a rut in their career and lack of clarity and work-life balance.

Sakura Thinking is a combination of my coaching, personal development and corporate experience with an authentic and creative touch. It is the change catalyst, the true transformer to any person and organisation. I see you as a whole person who is creative and resourceful. Working with Sakura Thinking, you are guaranteed to become a resilient and productive leader, feel more visible and connected in the working environment, increase your overall all confidence, develop your creative skills, improve your communication skills and you will feel happier and more positive in yourself.

At Sakura Thinking, I want you to know that you will be getting value for your investment.

Working with Sakura Thinking you will be guaranteed to get:

  • Qualified executive coach and experienced consultant with 12 years corporate experience

  • An uplifting, positive and professional experience with someone who understands your obstacles, believes in you and your vision.

  • A confidential and safe, non-judgemental space. As a professional coach, I am able to set aside any prior relationship or experience I had with you and I understand and value privacy. In a company situation, the client would disclose what they wish with their manager and the results will speak for themselves.

  • A unique journey and program tailored to your needs.

  • Clarity on your vision and a road map and guidance on how to get there.

  • Continuous guidance, support and help during and in between sessions to overcome challenges and celebrate wins throughout the process.

  • Accountability for the actions that you decide to take throughout the program.

  • Use powerful coaching tools that you can keep for life and use for your own team.

  • Email or phone access in between sessions so that you are completely supported throughout your sakura thinking journey.

What my clients are saying?

"I originally started working with Carmel for help to build a strategy to climb back up the career ladder after a few years away from my profession. Over the past few months, Carmel has helped me grown in confidence and I have gradually built the courage inside to raise my profile within my professional environment. I love the way Carmel takes a very holistic approach to help guide and support me through my journey of reaching my goals and realising my aspirations. Thank you, Carmel, for helping me to find a new leadership role!"

- Kal, Associate Director

  • Do you have a lot on your plate, overwhelmed with the workload and no time to create improvements to your organisation or have a work/life balance?

  • Are you truly satisfied with your current situation or is something holding you back from achieving greater results?

  • Do you feel unseen, lack of clarity, excluded in your working environment?

  • Are you performing at your true potential?

  • Do you feel like a fraud in your current role although you are overqualified and have proven experience?

  • Do you feel stressed, frustrated and long for a sense of passion and purpose?

  • Do you have a clear vision and road map on how to achieve it?

If you would like to work with Sakura Thinking or you have more questions you can book a clarity call here. I would love to hear more about your desires and what is holding you back from achieving them. I am happy to answer your questions. You can email me at

`You can follow Sakura Thinking on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

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