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Plan the last week of January in advance and make it your best week yet in 2021

We are in the last 8 days of January, in the middle of a lockdown which may have really killed your new year momentum. You might of started off in great hopes, with all good productive intentions but then it all went downhill.

First of all, do not be too hard on yourself as these current times are not natural so it is common if you are procrastinating, feeling de-motivated, and completely drained. I really dislike the term the "new normal" but let's be very real and say that this is not very normal at all and reassure ourselves by saying together - THIS TOO SHALL PASS.

Let's start with a reset and begin next week with a different mindset and new energy. The Six-P formula says Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance.

This week we are just going keep it simple.


Plan every day in advance. Make it your duty to finish January feeling more organised with a very effective new skill - Planning.

Taking action without thinking is a prime source of problems. The better the plan you have the easier it is to overcome PROCRASTINATION. One of the keys to feeling amazing about yourself is organising yourself in a way that you are starting and completing important tasks and projects.

Planning is a habit. It is something that you need to remind yourself to do until it becomes addictive

You will become addicted to being organised and a way more productive as it releases endless endorphins and enhances clarity, confidence and competence. The very act of thinking and planning unlocks your mental power, triggers your creativity and and increases your energy.

I meet so many people who avoid this one tiny step that actually the answer to their problems. Excuses like you are too busy and you don't have time is foolish talk. It only takes 10-12 minutes to plan out your day and this small invested time will save you time in the long run and avoid you making mistakes.


It is a mindset thing most definitely. There is some thought pattern that causes it. Deep down inside they know that they need to plan and get organised but they do not which causes procrastination. So somewhere deep inside they do not feel deserving of success or they fear it. Most the time people are afraid of their power so they stay messy, disorganised and play small. Procrastination is really avoiding and delaying your success. .


All you need is a pen and paper and make a list of everything you need to do. Break bigger jobs into bitesize tasks. If it is a horrible and difficult task that you really keep putting in the back burner, then break it down into the tiniest bite size steps that could help you start it. My client had heavy reporting documentation to read and he kept avoiding it until he created mini slots in his calendar where he had to read for 15 mins a day until he completed the dreaded task. Looking at the huge mountain is off putting but breaking it down into tiny steps is more attractive. You can create time slots for each task in your calendar. It is really that simple. Get things done one bite at a time. Include your work, exercise, family time, self-care, and breaks and Make it your best week yet.

One of the keys to successful career is being organised and planning ahead. Start as you mean to go on and become addicted to planning ahead.

I hope you feel more motivated for the week ahead. You'll never know the amazing results unless you try planning and make it a habit.

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