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What core beliefs are holding you back?

A belief is an acceptance that something exists or is true, especially one without proof.

From 0 to 4 years of age, we are deeply influenced by the beliefs around us. These beliefs will often form into our core beliefs. Our core beliefs and values are our map to how we make decisions and choices.

At a young age, we usually will believe and think like our families or those around us. As we get older and spread our wings, we are influenced by our school environment, teachers, friends, culture and community.

However, when we go out to achieve our career and life goals some of those beliefs from the past might limit us and become outdated in fulfilling the next chapters in our life. Some of our beliefs can stay stuck or unconscious, we don't even notice them until we do the inner work. So we still do things a certain way because of those beliefs and it is doing things the same way that keeps us limited.

You often see family members following similar career routes. This is because of the values and beliefs around them that influenced their decisions. You even see friends following similar educational routes. This can be because they are afraid to think for themselves, so they see what someone else did and copy it. It is familiar, it is comfortable and secure. It is a known path so it is safe. It is much easier than trying to figure out your own path and purpose. Yet this following the crowd approach, is often the reason why most people end up feeling unfulfilled, unhappy, and soul destroyed because they are forcing themselves to fit into an old belief system that expired. They are used to observing the people around them and following the same approach. This is an old belief system derived from society and cultures "you must fit in"! The truth is you must find yourself, and be who you were designed to be.

It is no wonder that we have to now coach people around decision making, a God given skill of the human brain. People are stuck in limited beliefs influenced from the outside environment and have forgotten how to think for themselves. This is why people are stuck creatively and with innovative thinking. They are afraid to think outside the box, to be different, to disagree, to challenge others or to listen to themselves. It is all fear and limited beliefs.

Are you struggling to level up in a new job or career transition?

Have you made a life change but feel pulled back and torn and that is affecting your performance and success?

Are you squeezing yourself into a box that you don't fit anymore?

Are you feeling stressed out, dreading meetings and presentations?

Are you doubting yourself on your new job promotion?

Are you stuck in your comfort zone and is that starting to feel uncomfortable? Is it time to level up and make a positive change?

At Sakura Thinking, I help you overcome your limits, get you unstuck and creating greater success in your career. I am all about THINKING hence the name Sakura Thinking. I guide you to think with courage, resilience and innovation.

In my group coaching, we are always breaking limits, patterns, habits and creating transformation in careers and life. This is a group of business and corporate professionals who are working on overcoming their self-doubt and barriers to create greater success in their careers. It is an empowering group where those around you can relate to your challenge and make you feel like you are not alone. I invite people who are stuck, going through career transitions, need more confidence and resilience and courage to fulfil their goals to join this 6 weeks program to transformation.

In the 6 weeks, we cover building confidence, boosting self-esteem, assertiveness, overcoming fears and coping with change and stress. We are connected in a private group on a daily basis. I know that you have a busy schedule so the only commitment is to attend the weekly meeting and you can login to the group at your own pace and do your coaching exercises in your spare time. It is a very enjoyable and uplifting experience.

To sign up now, you can send me an email at or book a clarity call.

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