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What keeps your employees awake at night?(Burnout research-mental health awareness week)

I am an executive and leadership coach and prior to this I worked in corporate and business improvements. I have collected data through research and observation via coaching and I have found the root causes of burn-out, and stress at work to be - really talented and well established professionals feeling "Not good enough".

I asked corporate and business employees what keeps them awake at night.

Here is a few things well established professional leaders/employees said:

  • I don't have enough time to do my work so I am thinking about everything I have to do.

  • I had a huge confidence knock and feel disrespected at work.

  • I am the main bread winner at home and I am afraid that I will lose my job or get demoted during the organisational changes

  • I don't think I am good enough to do this job.

  • I take the blame when things go wrong in my team/organisation.

  • I dread meetings and presentations because I feel like a fraud in a very pressurising and unsupportive environment.

The root cause of stress and burn out is deep within. It is about stuck THINKING! Yes it is great to add perks like free coffee, social hour, WOW awards, or Christmas gifts. It is really nice to have and I loved these little moments at work. However, they only produce temporary feel good moments. It will not give them or your business sustainable results. Your employees need to feel empowered, fulfilled and balanced in order to perform well and produce innovative solutions. You want high performance, and innovative solutions. Coaching gives the solution of sustainable results.

The root cause lies within - it is a matter of uprooting and changing patterns and behaviours to boost performance and innovation. It is about changing mindsets, building resilience and confidence so they feel good enough, empowered and motivated. This is not just personal and a matter of referring them to the Employee Assistance Program but actually taking the bull by the horns and getting them UNSTUCK - you benefit - they benefit - everyone benefits. Sakura Thinking coaching does not just affect the individual but everyone they connect with at work - their colleagues, stakeholders and clients. This is how we create positive and innovative work environments. My coaching helps you and your employees get unstuck creating greater results for you and your business.

I help build resilient, high performing and innovative leaders and positive work environments.

Give the gift of coaching to your or your teams !

I have individual, group and corporate/business programs.

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