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Self-Care Ideas for you and why it is not selfish!!

Updated: Feb 28, 2019

Do you ever have one of those days where you feel off ? Are you drained from attending to everyone else's needs and neglecting your own? OR Are you full of fears and dreads, beating yourself up over that huge confidence knock? This is when self-care and a time out is needed. This is not the time to go ploughing into your next action on the to-do-list.

On "feeling off days", we need urgent self-care and self-love. Self-care needs to be consistent for you or you will burn out, lose yourself and not show up as you. Every day self-care is key. It is so simple, but so easily neglected, and we tend to be automatic givers to others before giving to ourselves.

Do you believe taking time out for you is selfish? Do you feel guilty for it? Have you heard people say "Oh she loves herself because she is in the bath so long or she always gets her hair done or she treats herself to new clothes" Or "She is selfish because she only thinks of herself". Do not listen to this noise of the inaccurate judgers. How about she takes responsibility for herself and doesn't wait around for Romeo to do it! She takes care of herself to show up for her job, her family, her colleagues, her friends. How about everyone even the girl with her hair done perfect every day, is climbing their own mountain, fighting their own battles, learnt their own life lessons. Do not judge the book by the cover. The people who take care of themselves are the people who can take care of others. They can fully show up as their best self. There is no lie in the saying "You can't give from an empty cup". So stop the overthinking, over-doing, over-WHELMED ! Stop !! Give yourself a self-care break!

What one thing can you do today to help you feel good? We make better decisions for ourselves and are more present when we are in a more meditated state, and our mind is calm. By mediated state, I don't mean to meditate specifically to meditation music, although I do this, it may not be your style. There are many other ways that help you do same. Here is a list of other self-care tips.

Always take time to give to you, even if it's 15 - 30 mins a day. Find that time for you. You can! Do whatever works for you. Please share what works for you to recharge your batteries. What is your self-care regime? What helps you feel good?

10 simple self-care ideas OR for more check out my services page or book your Free Coaching Consultation with me today !!

  1. Breathe - breathe in and out. Simple isn't it but if you are feeling the fear and in panic mode, check in with yourself AM I BREATHING? Breathe in to your stomach area, count to 3 and breathe out (at least 3 deep breathes) this reconnects your mind to your body and to yourself.

  2. Exercise - can you burn it off? Turn on a youtube exercise class, go to the gym, go out running or go for walk. Don't have time? Can the kids exercise with you? 15 mins !!

  3. Mindfulness - Be aware of your surroundings. Name 5 things you see, 5 things you smell, 5 things you hear, 5 things you are touching. This helps you to come back to your centre and be fully present. The Present moment is where your power is.

  4. De-Clutter - tidy your wardrobe and throw out things you no longer wear and that no longer serve your purpose. Clear an area that is a mess and that you have been procrastinating. Clearing away the outside clutter as it is very detoxing for the mind and grounding. It also another physical activity, it helps you to get back your focus. Letting go of things that are from our past we no longer use, also helps us to let go of the past mentally.

  5. Juicing: Make yourself a gorgeous juice with lovely fruits and veg! Your body will love you or drink some water. Eat something healthy!

  6. Journal - write down your thoughts. Get it out of that head. Behind all the overthinking, that intelligent creative mind is coming to some great idea.

  7. Movie Night - Turn on a movie you have been meaning to watch. Focus on the movie. Be present watching the move. Make it one that makes you laugh.

  8. Call a friend: Go meet a friend for coffee and listen or call a friend you trust for a chat.

  9. Bath time - Enjoy a hot bubbly bath with bath salts and crystals and candles. This re-centres you and recharges your batteries after a long day. Listen to some music.

  10. Beautify yourself - Why not paint your nails, put on a mask? Do something that makes you feel good. Book yourself a nice pampering treat.

Having your "Feel Good remedies or self-care techniques" to hand brings you back to a more relaxed state. Sometimes you will get so relaxed, you will realise it was just some mind chatter. Other times, you will come to an answer, a decision. Either way it will get you back in your flow and moving forward again.

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Dorothy Watt
Dorothy Watt
28 thg 2, 2019

A great list, thanks! I joined a film club to help me spend immersive time seeing great movies I wouldn't have come across otherwise, and I also love spending time out in the garden - working with the earth is very grounding


Cathie O'Dea
Cathie O'Dea
28 thg 2, 2019

Great advice and easy to follow tips

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