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I miss London but right now every place has lost its spark. I am happy out here in the sticks with my 40 shades of green. I have everything I need right now and doors are opening here too. I believe that there is a time and a season for everything.

I’m working with a client who has relocated from Dublin to London in the middle of the pandemic. Imagine that. Talk about making things happen. NEW CITY, NEW LIFE, NEW CAREER I’m so excited for her. It definitely brings back exciting memories of when I relocated to the BIG CITY.


Her words said it all “YOU CAN BE WHOEVER YOU WANT TO BE in London” and what she means is you are free to be yourself without no pressure from society and cultural norms. It is hard to hear yourself when you are under a set of standards you need to reach to be approved by the outside. You must build that "freedom to be yourself" reality from within, even if London hands it to you on a plate.


I love that London pushes people to network where they wouldn't if they had all the links around them. Sometimes life has to make it hard for you so that you have to CREATE IT YOURSELF. Cities have their similarities but there are differences. One similarity is they can all be KNOCKED. Then what are you left with? You are left with you and the house you built inside. For one difference for my client between Dublin and London will be the population from 1 million to 8.9 million people and that’s a huge difference. You are up against a big population and the chances of bumping into someone you know going down the street are zero. London definitely toughened me up. London is not for the faint hearted, and can be very isolating if you don’t have the courage to meet new people but that's why I like it - It pushes people out of their comfort zone. You have to become independent and enjoy your own company but after that is has doors of opportunity.

YOU GOT TO GO OUT AND GET IT I met the most loving, and supportive people in London but I MADE THAT HAPPEN. Your support network changes as you change and effort needs to be made but it’s worth it when you align your network with who you really are today, you’ll feel more fulfilled and a better sense of belonging and understood. London was the right fit for me. It is full of authenticity.


I started my business there and it gave me the right environment to make it happen. Environment is everything for you to grow. It must be the right environment for you even in the company you work. London is full of opportunity but I believe you create your own opportunities and YOU GO OUT AND GET IT.

YOU'VE GOT TO BE THICK SKINNED You can make things happen anywhere but YOU'VE GOT TO BE THICK SKINNED, DEVELOP A STRONG MINDSET AND BE COURAGEOUS. You have to have your own burning desire and a sense of purpose and passion for what you believe in. You can't expect to get backing from everyone as not everyone sees the visions that you do. Accepting that is one step forward.

The pandemic shows that everything you built around you can collapse, you must build it within you and that is building your house on the rock that no storm can knock.

Let’s get started - book your clarity call today and start making your vision happen. You can book a clarity call here. Have an amazing weekend. To keep up to date follow me on LinkedIN and instagram


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