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Your self-limiting beliefs could be holding you back

A belief is the acceptance that certain things are true or real. It’s an opinion, an expectation and a judgement.

SELF LIMITING BELIEFS are like having old software in a new machine. The years have passed by, but if your mind is still expecting things to be the same, playing same record tape, then you will feel disappointed with your progress and experiences. It’s time to renew the mind.

The mind needs to be renewed as we change and grow. Otherwise it will be full of bugs and no longer compatible with where we are today. Imagine if you were going around in your school uniform but you are a senior manager of big tech company, that would look bizarre. So just as you upgrade your wardrobe as you evolve, you must also update your mindset. You can’t think like a school girl or college student in your top end job. The limiting beliefs are not as obvious as our external outfits. However, they are most important to our success. People can hold onto an old belief that’s expired that they believed from family or school that could be stopping them now to move on. Self-limiting beliefs are thoughts created either by experiencing or observing events throughout life.

They might be generational, cultural, traditional, belonging to a past version of you or spawned from other people around you at a certain time. When you grow in self-awareness you are less likely to adopt other peoples limiting beliefs.

Self-limiting beliefs can hold you back from following your vision, mission and goals. I am a master coach at helping you overcome your self-limiting beliefs and renew your mind to help you create amazing results in your career and life.

You can get started today by booking a one to one clarity call. This call is online via zoom and we will discuss your vision, obstacles and challenges and decide on action steps toward.

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