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Let's kill this procrastination and get moving in tiny bitesize steps yet create BIG RESULTS

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

As promised, I will continue to give you tiny bitesize steps for the coming weeks while we are all in lockdown mode. It is completely natural if you are feeling lack of motivation, feeling stuck in a rut and feeling completely lazy right now. So don't be too hard on yourself if you are feeling lazy, disconnected and getting nothing done.

Why do I suggest bitesize steps? Well it is the most effective way to come out of procrastination, I have tried and tested it on myself and others and it works and is more attractive for your mind to give it a try. Procrastination minds usually sounds like this "I will do it tomorrow" or "I will start Monday" and they just keep putting it off.

Let's start to shift this and get your momentum going again.

What one little tiny step can you take to get your momentum going?

As an executive coach, I do not necessarily give advice, I guide my clients to their own solutions yet within reason I always share my own perspective with my audience.

Create realistic achievable goals

Focusing on outside circumstances can make you feel really frustrated and a lack of control and power over your own life so bring that power back by focusing on what is in your control now and set small realistic goals that are achievable within the restrictions yet with your overall VISION in mind. Realistic goals that you can actually achieve now will make you feel more empowered and in control of your life.

Make a Plan - Check out last week Bitesize Step for Big Results

As mentioned last week, make a simple plan for the days and weeks ahead. If you make this a habit and stick to it, you'll naturally become more productive and see your performance sky rocket.

Write your plans, goals and bitesize steps down on paper

A plan and all your goals need to be written down rather than stay in your head. The fact that it is out of your head on paper will be good for your stress management as it organises your thoughts and calms your mind. Put the bitesize steps in time slots on your calendar.

Break big goals into bitesize steps

Break big goals into bitesize steps. The lazier you are and the more deeper in the hole of procrastination you are, then lower your standards and create a really tiny tiny step to start you off in achieving your goal. For example: Let's just say you have a lot of detailed documentation to read right now and you are simply allergic, then break it down into 10 minute slots of reading, start with ten minutes to get your momentum going. At least you started right? and watch what happens next...

Now who would say no to helping with a bitesize step? It is more attractive than dumping ground right?

If you are looking at a mountain of workload right now for a high pressure environment, then break it down into bitesize tasks. Do what must be done today now and schedule less urgent tasks to next week to give you some space and ease. Delegate and ask for help from colleagues if needed. Do not be one of these super humans who takes on everything themselves. You are simply not inadequate if you need to delegate, you are simply working smarter and collaborating. That is why you are in a team.

Start connecting with your colleagues - again keep it simple, keep it bitesize

We are human, introverts or extroverts, it does not matter, we still need connection. Do not isolate yourself working from home. Give a colleague a ring or set up a one to one coffee break with them on zoom. Organise a coffee morning at work and get people chatting.

Move that body in bitesize steps

I was feeling really lazy coming into the new year after overindulging during the festive season and the weather was so cold - I can really hate the winter. I knew I had to shift myself out of this rut, yet thinking of running 5-10 km was not attractive and felt like a mountain at the time. I had to shift my mindset back to powerful Carmel mode. What really helped me? I broke it down and started off with no pressure and no expectations, just started running 1km to start which ended up as 3 km the first day and naturally went up but there was no pressure to do that. I set a very realistic goal for me to run 30 km over the last few days of January on whatever days I wanted. No pressure yet getting the same results of feeling good, losing any extra pounds and mentally energised and motivated for work. Moving your body definitely helps the brain power.

Start making these tiny bitesize changes. Remember that knowledge is nothing without application. You can know it all already, but applying it into your work is the key to success. If you want change and to create greater results, start with small bitesize steps and get your momentum going first and then you will increase your level of productivity.

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