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Do you experience Shiny Bright Object Syndrome?

Updated: May 12, 2021

This week I have been working on my group coaching program. One of the modules is focused on creating your vision and goal setting. When I got to the obstacles section, I was pleasantly reminded of Shiny Bright Object Syndrome. It always makes me laugh when I hear the name as it has a funny ring to it, yet it's serious stuff.

Shiny bright object syndrome is a habit that causes someone to be constantly distracted as they chase anything that looks shiny, new and exciting. This can be a product, service, fashion trend or something everyone else is doing. It can happen to entrepreneurs when they start watching what everyone else in their field is doing and decide they want to try that out too, taking them away from their focus. It can happen to corporate leaders and employees when they start comparing themselves to their colleagues or other people in their industry and they find themselves copying their exact path. You can engage in something or someone that looks like something you want in your life, yet they only lead you down the garden path far away from your vision and values.

New products and services and fashion trends are constantly drawing our attention on social media. We want the latest everything but just because WE WANT IT doesn't mean WE NEED IT. If we don't need something, it possibly is a saboteur to our vision by acting as a distraction, time waster and money eater. These shiny bright objects can look exactly that shiny and bright and they can help you feel good temporarily but they don't bring you closer to your vision.

You might of heard of "FOMO (Fear of missing out)", this is when you have the feeling that you have to be at every event and party or you are missing out on something. FOMO is a type of bright shiny object syndrome and FOMO is a lier. You don't need to be at every party or event. Once you are very clear on your vision, values and beliefs - and put the right boundaries in place, you then can make better decisions in alignment with your vision and purpose. If an event is not in align with your vision, then you know you are not missing out as you are not actually meant to be there. By the way, when you create your VISION, we take into consideration the greater picture of who and what you want to be in all areas of your life. Perhaps people pleasing habits might have led you to say yes to everything before but how has that helped you get the results you really desire. Were you playing an extra on everyone else's vision by tagging a long to every event? It's very common to get roped into this destructive trap of Shiny Bright Object Syndrome.


  1. What shiny bright objects drag you in right now?

  2. What are you trying to keep up to date on?

  3. What do regret wasting your money on?

  4. Where do you waste a lot of time?

  5. What distracts your focus?

Overcome Shiny Bright Object Syndrome

  1. Set Clear Goals - You have to have a focus and vision and know where you are going.

  2. Get More Accountability - You might need someone to keep you accountable. As your coach, I offer accountability in all my coaching programs.

  3. Say No more often - You do not have to say yes to everything. You can say no when you want. Create healthy boundaries too.

  4. Eliminate the bright shiny object - Identify your distractions and remove them.

  5. Stop Comparing - You were born to be you. You have a unique purpose, unique personality, unique gifts and strengths, unique style and you have different experiences to everyone. Get to know who you are and stop comparing yourself to others.

You need a clear VISION and Purpose

Shiny bright object syndrome wins when you have no idea of your purpose and your vision. You may have forgotten or need to reevaluate your core values, beliefs and identity. Whether you have done this before or not, I believe that we need to declutter our life and re-evaluate our values and vision going into every new chapter.

Get the focus and accountability that you need.

I help you clarify your vision, values and beliefs and create a road-map to get you there. I use certified co-active coaching methodologies that help you overcome your obstacles and eliminate your distractions. I have over 12 years experience in the corporate world which makes me a relatable coach to my ideal client. I meet you regularly for coaching sessions which include home-work and a follow-up report. You have VIP access to me in between sessions. You will become more resilient, birth cutting edge ideas, improve your work/life balance, build confidence and become more innovative. I bring positivity, fun and fresh perspectives to each coaching session. My individual coaching programs are at a very special price right now. To avail of this special offer, you can book a clarity call with me here.

Have a lovely weekend,


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