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Embracing change and uncertainty...How long more will you avoid it?

It does not matter where you are now or what happened in your past. You do not have to stay stuck forever. There is always a way out of the hole, the pit, the cage, the unhealthy relationship, the toxic environment, the not knowing who you are and what you want. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel. You just need CLARITY.


There are other obstacles that you might have to overcome like a lack of confidence, low self-esteem, lack of clarity, relationship issues, lack of self-trust, fears and limitations, impostor syndrome but you will overcome them. At the other side of fear and obstacles is your victory and blessings. Every storm and battle ends and it is so worth facing the truth and going through with it.

But how many more sleepless nights will you take? How many more mornings will you dread facing work? How much more will you put up with your difficult boss? How much more will you hide yourself in a busy dumping role and be underpaid and undervalued? Don't you miss something? What about you? When was the last time you felt fulfilled and carefree? When did you get this serious?

Change is exciting but it can be scary and daunting and hiding out for longer can feel much more inviting. Maybe it is not ANOTHER QUALIFICATION you need, or maybe it is not another persons fault that you are stuck, maybe it is time to rise up and make better decisions for you. DISTRACTIONS keep us stuck and that can be POINTING THE FINGER at someone else like our manager, our partner or our friends. Did you ever consider it might be you that is the problem? Looking within is a responsibility everyone has here on earth. It is so much easier to look outwards and play the victim but it is not fair on others. You could be binging on Netflix and drinking your way through it or scrolling tirelessly on social media just so you don't have to take responsibility and face your truth. No lockdown is not a good enough excuse to stop working towards your vision and goals.

My co-active coaching model can help you grow in self-awareness which will help you gain clarity on your vision and goals and make better decisions for you. You will understand better your strengths and gifts and create better relationships around you at work and enjoy work better. You will become more compassionate, grateful and develop more positive attitude to your current situation. You will become your authentic and creative leader. You will enjoy more balance, more fulfilment and more happiness. You will create greater results for you.

I can give you a complimentary clarity call and taster session where we will discuss your vision, obstacles and challenges. You will gain clarity in this session a lone and learn something new about yourself and feel more positive and uplifted from the experience a lone. The session is online on zoom one to one in private and confidential space.

Get in touch,

Take care,

Carmel xxx

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