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How I see Procrastination and the deeper reasons one procrastinates

Procrastination is continuously postponing an important task that needs to be done but never gets done.

Procrastination is something I hear people talk a lot about. "I know I have to do it..but I end up doing something else instead". Procrastination is much more than plain old laziness.

Behaviours like procrastination are self-sabotaging as it creates problems in our life and interferes with long-standing goals.

Usually the important task that is procrastinated is a task that is for themselves. It is not for the boss, the family or anyone else and nobody is keeping them accountable. It is not always a lazy person that suffers from procrastination but often people pleasers who prioritise everyone else’s to do list before their own or a person who has the fear of moving forward out of their comfort zone.

It is task once completed will benefit their life and will move them forward. It could be as simple as decluttering and throwing past items out that no longer serve you to make new space to create new in your life. It could be you want a new job and you are not making space and time for you to apply for this job but overworking for the current boss. You know speaking to a certain person would help you move forward but you keep putting off talking to this person.

People who experience procrastination feel a lot of guilt inside as they go off doing other things that are not as productive like watching the tv or scrolling through social media. Guilt is a suffering feeling. It is bad feeling in the belly and it nudges at you. Why would you purposely make yourself feel bad? When they sit down to watch tv, they are not really enjoying it as they are thinking of what they didn’t get done. Their mind is telling them “how can you sit down, you did nothing today". The inner critic mind loves when you procrastinate. It will not go away until get you your things together.

So after reflecting and listening to people on Procrastination, I see that procrastination really is:

  • A type of self-sabotage

  • A lack of self-love (see my post on self-care)

  • The need to stay in your comfort zone

  • The fear of not enough money

  • The fear of moving forward in life

  • A need to stay stuck

  • The need to play small

  • The fear of success

  • The fear of letting go of the past

  • The fear of the unknown

  • A lack of healthy boundaries

  • A distracted and unfocused mind

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תגובה אחת

Carole Bozkurt
Carole Bozkurt
02 במרץ 2019

Great reminder on procrastination - it really is a self-sabbotage activity that keeps us stuck. Looking forward to next week's post on how to get rid of procrastinting behaviour.

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