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How to Create a Work, Life Balance

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

Life can get hectic sometimes and people can find it hard to find a work & life balance. When we are overworked, we come home and we are too tired for the things we love to do. The things we love to do are the things that help us to feel good. These are really the things we need to do to feel good in our life.

A few points on creating a healthy-life balance:

  • Make a list of things you love to do and would like more time for throughout the week ahead

  • Describe to yourself how you would like to feel each day (for example: alive, energised, happy, calm, relaxed, connected, fitter)

  • Create a schedule in your diary, calendar that includes a time line & schedule all the actions you are going take each day including your hours of work, exercise and time for the things you need for you

  • Purposely schedule time for the things you love to do that help you feel the feelings you have listed in point 2. These are usually things you need for to feel healthy life balance.

  • This way you are organised and you have set the intention ahead. When we plan ahead, it is more likely to happen.

  • Plan each day the night before if not the whole week the weekend before. Things can change and new things can come in but at least you have an idea of the flow of your day.

  • When we slot in things we love to do, we have created time for them, and we can also look forward to doing these things which can help us also to feel good.

  • If you sometimes procrastinate, you can learn more on helping procrastination here and the causes of procrastination

  • If you feel guilty for bringing self-care and time for self into your life, read Why Self-Care is not selfish

Try it out and let me know how you get on with this. You can contact me on Instagram or Facebook or on my website

@Carmellifecoaching I help people with work-life balance and creating more time for self-care and well-being and time for loved ones so that you can feel happier, more fulfilled and healthier. Book your free coaching consultation with me today.

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