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Journaling positively influences innovation and well-being

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

You might imagine a young girl writing in her diary when you hear the word journaling but this is not to be undervalued. When I was 10 years old, I had landed upon an obstacle I needed to breakthrough. After chatting to my aunt about it, she suggested I write about it. I have since never stopped jotting my thoughts and ideas down on paper because I learnt early the positive impact it had on problem-solving and gaining clarity on my thoughts. Journaling evolved for me into the most useful tool for making decisions, getting clear on my goals, practicing gratitude, and creating plans and visions. I always grab a notebook and pen before I grab my MacBook or iPad. I love drawing things out old style first.

I can't tell you where I would be if I didn't have a pen to hand to write down my ideas - Richard Branson


Writing in a journal can connect you with your creative side of your brain. It is good to keep a journal for your ideas. When you are in the flow and your creative juices are flowing, you need to take note of the ideas before you forget them. Journaling can be used to draw out your short term and long term visions for your career and life and to set specific goals. A dream written down starts to become a vision and a plan and has more of chance of manifesting. Journaling is also very effective with problem solving. If you have a problem at work, start writing it out and asking yourself questions on how to solve it. Write down everything that comes to mind until you start seeing the answer. You can download my free worksheet "Start Innovating now" as I give you powerful questions to help guide you to solve a problem at work. When at work, always have a journal to hand to jot down your ideas and gaps you spot, as you might forget if you are busy in that moment. It might not matter in the moment, but rest assured that subject will come up in future.


Journaling helps you to make an important connection between your thoughts, feelings and behaviours and even improves well-being. What is important here is that you are having a relationship with your mind and taking a moment to really connect and understand your thoughts. You can dump the thoughts that don't serve you and use the ones that do. Trying to keep emotions tucked away is not healthy. If you are a private and introverted like me you probably will prefer journaling. It helps to maintain healthy emotional responses. It is a personal and safe space until you have made a clear decision or have articulated your thoughts and ideas before sharing them prematurely. You need to understand it yourself first before you can voice it. Journaling is great to practice gratitude, relax the mind and create certainty. Right now in the current times, it is a useful tool to use as a sounding board when you have less people to interact with at work.

Journaling - paying attention to the inside for the purpose of living well from the inside out - Lee Wise

To connect with me, you can book a clarity call, and we can explore your thoughts and ideas and discuss your vision and what holds you back from making it happen. This can be a career, a team or an organisational visions. I would love to hear all about your ambitions and desires and help make it happen.

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