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Top Tips To Kill Procrastination

Last week, I talked about procrastination and the deeper reasons behind it. I listed these reasons in the How I See Procrastination and the deeper reasons one Procrastinates

In my review, the tasks that are mostly procrastinated are those for our own benefit. The tasks where we do not have anyone to keep us accountable. For example: we do not have a boss waiting for the task’s completion. We do not have anyone else caring that it is done only ourselves. We do not have any one to keep us accountable. We put our own tasks last and therefore they do not get done because when we get around to it we are too tired. Priortise yourself because these are the tasks once done are the ones that help us to feel good and feeling good is what we really want. When we feel good, we get more motivated to get all things done.

Top Tips to get the dreaded tasks done:

  1. A Focused Mind The key to procrastination is focus. We often give ourselves too many things to do. Start with one thing you have been procrastinating and commit to completing that task in the next week. If you cannot focus, do some meditation or mindfulness before you begin.

  2. Try the 5 minute miracle What one step can you do for 5 minutes that can move this task you are dreading forward? It’s only 5 minutes and it will make movement and help you move it forward.

  3. To do lists ! Get yourself a diary or take notes on your cell phone what needs tasks need to be done each day. Priortise the tasks that need to be done first. Do them first. Tick the tasks off as you complete them. Ticking tasks off will help you feel productive.

  4. Plan your week ahead on Sunday and also Decide how you want to feel the week ahead. For example: Do you want to feel connected? Is there someone you would like to schedule in some time with because it makes you feel good to spend time with them? Do you need to schedule in and prioritise a gym class because that will make you feel good? Do you want a new job? What one step can you make next week that can help this move forward? Find time to prioritise that

  5. Schedule Self-Care: Schedule time for self-care and for me time (exercise, meditation, paint my nails). Fit that in as these are things that make us feel good and when we are feeling good we are more motivated, more productive. See my top tips on Self-Care.

  6. Set Healthy Boundaries: Stop people pleasing and set healthy boundaries for yourself. Avoid distractions like TV and social media and schedule time for those too. Sometimes we sit down to do a task and the minute phone rings we are on it and we call it “Saved by the bell” but its not. It’s called no self-discipline.

  7. Do a power hour and do 20 minute intervals Be in a space where there is no clutter. A place where there are no distractions. Sometimes we make up excuses like not enough money but when we break down the goal, the first step doesn’t usually involve money. Take the curious step first and see what unfolds after that.

  8. Positive Thoughts: Sometimes we think negatively about ourselves and we listen to these beliefs like “what is the point, it’s not possible” or “I can’t do that” or “what will people think” or “she won’t let me do that”. Your beliefs are just that beliefs. More excuses. Try to turn them around to a more useful thought that will serve your goal better. Talk to yourself nicely because you are listening.

  9. Break down the goal into small steps When we think of the goal as a mountain, we avoid it so it is better to break it into little steps at the beginning to make it less daunting. You don’t need to see the whole staircase to make the first step.

  10. Make one step out of your comfort zone Well if the task is something we have not done before we might avoid it at all costs. We know the nudge inside is telling us to do it but we just stay where we are and that is exactly where we stay “stuck”. For example: you might really like to have experience presenting at work but you don’t talk to your manager about it. Offer to do a little presentation in front of your team. Have that chat. Most likely you will get a lot of help and encouragement for it.

At Carmel life Coaching, We keep you accountable for your goals. We help you kill procrastination. My services increase clarity, happiness, motivation, productivity, positivity and overall wellbeing in the areas of Career, Love, Relationships, Life-style and Money. Book your Free Coaching Consultation today.

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1 Comment

Carol Hanson
Carol Hanson
Mar 11, 2019

Great post Carmel. I definitely do 3&4. Am trying 7 at the moment and it's very helpful.

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